2 Alternatives to Shopify For Launching Your Online Store

2 Alternatives to Shopify

It is a sweet and a good idea. Running an online store is one of the perfect moves you can make in this decade. It comes with a batch of benefits and enjoyment. In particular, you need a little setup cost compared with the physical one. However, any guarantee of easy success in the online arena without commitment is a perfect lie. One of the determiners of your success in running an online business is e-commerce solution selection. Your solution determines what you can and cannot do online.

Shopify takes the first position in this area. For most webpreneurs, it reserves the title kingmaker. Offer 400,000 store owners prefer it. Nevertheless, it is not a tasty meal for everyone. It has its down points. Probably, you belong to this class. After going through the available reviews, you discounted Shopify. Now, you’re searching other options. Here are the top 3 alternatives to Shopify for building your online store:


Certainly, your reason for dishing out Shopify is due to its restrictions. You found that it does not allow you to access the backend codes. As a coding expert, such limitations hinder your desires of standing out. If this is your reason, Magento is a preferable alternative. Unlike Shopify, you have a gateway to the backend codes. The platform allows you to exercise your coding skills. You can create your online store from scratch or tweak and modify the codes to fit your uniqueness desires. Also, this platform is a free open source. However, you need to have a budget for hosting it. Again, you must wait longer as you need some time to build your website.


Another reason for avoiding Shopify is your blogging experience. For long, you have been blogging on a specific niche. You have a WordPress blog. So, you’re seeking an option to help you turn to the online business without losing your audience. If this is your issue, WooCommerce is the good news. This WordPress extension allows you to achieve this objective. The extension comes with fully functional e-commerce features. You can create an online store without starting from scratch. Hence, WooCommerce is a perfect alternative when you have a prevailing online following in your WordPress blog.

Final thoughts

As you can see, several alternatives are available to you when Shopify is not the better option. With them, you can setup your online store and start generating some coins; So, no reason for failing to join the wagon.